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Listed below is all the information for a US Citizen to travel to Yemen.

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Country: Yemen
Citizenship: US Citizen
Visa Type: Tourist
Visa Required: Yes
Maximum Stay: 0

Travel Alerts / Special Notes:

TPAVC is currently unable to assist with the issuance of this visa. Please contact the Yemen Embassy directly for assistance.

Instructions for Travel Visa Application:


Yemen tourist visa is required for citizens of United States. Please contact the Yemen Embassy for asisstance with this type of visa.


Know before You Go....What else should I know?


Check the current validity of your passport.


It is recommended and required by many countries to have at least (6) months remaining validity on your passport. TPAVC can assist you with renewing your passport before it expires with convenient processing times to meet your departure date. TPAVC can assist you in renewing your passport. Visit our website: Passport Renewal or contact one of our agents 888.551.0019


Make sure your passport has blank Visa pages.


Your passport visa pages are used for two purposes; upon entering and exiting a country you will receive an exit and entry stamp and/or securing a Travel Visa stamp authorization obtained prior to your departure. Your Visa Pages are identified in your passport atop each page as, Visas. The last 3 to 4 pages of your passport are utilized for Amendments and Endorsements. These are not usable pages for Travel Visa authorizations or entry/exit stamps. TPAVC can assist you in obtaining additional visa pages. Visit our website: Additional Visa Pages or contact one of our agents at 888.551.0019.


Health Travel Recommendations:


TPAVC recommends Passport Health a leading provider of travel health information and immunizations for international travelers, major corporations, universities and other international organizations. Passport Health will help you make informed choices when you’re far from home. www.passporthealthusa.com or call 888.499.7277.




Country: Yemen
Citizenship: US Citizen
Visa Type: Business
Visa Required: Yes
Maximum Stay: 30

Travel Alerts / Special Notes:

Single Entry 90 10-12 business days
6-8 business days
Multiple Entry 180 10-12 business days
6-8 business days
* plus shipping fee

Instructions for Travel Visa Application:

A) Provide your PHYSICAL passport.

  • The Passport MUST be signed.
  • Your Passport MUST have (2) blank visa pages that are adjacent to each other.
  • The Passport Must have at least (6) months remaining validity from date of entry.

Note: Please be advised that your passport should be undamaged. Passports should be free of fraying, tears, damage to the credential page and pages that have been separated from the binding.

B) Copy of your Passport data page.

C) One Completed Yemen visa application form.


D) Two Passport-Size Photographs


E) Proof of Travel. A copy of applicant itinerary, airline ticket or e-mail e-ticket confirmation.


F) Business letter of Responsibility. Letter must be addressed to: Embassy of Yemen, Visa Section, Washington DC and must state the following information:

  • State nature of business to be performed
  • Name and address of reference to be visited in Yemen
  • Should state the request for Multiple Entries if required
  • Guarantee of return transportation and sufficient funds for the visit
  • The letter should be signed  by an officer of the company other than the applicant

G) Letter of Invitation from host company or organization in Yemen. Invitation should detail; purpose of trip, duration of stay, address where you will be staying at in Yemen, your name and passport number. Letter must be signed by host in Yemen.


H) Doctor's letter, which confirms the ansence of any contagious or communicable diseases. 


I) Complete TPAVC Order Form and payment

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